Mackinac Bridge
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◄ Msgr. George Michalek, Bishop Jim Murray, Sr. Joan Meerschaert, and I visited the top of the north tower in Summer 1991. Note the hatch at the bottom of the photo. It is through this hatch that you pop out onto the top after climbing two flights inside the structure. Behind us is a 10-step ladder for access to the aviation lamps. To the left of the aviation lamp is a small rope that keeps visitors from walking down the cable as painters and other maintenance workers do. It's 552 feet to the water.
◄ A very compact three-person elevator takes you from the bridge surface to the top. You then climb into the structure, up two sets of ladders, and out through a hatch in the middle of the cross-section...
◄ I took this picture looking straight down over the railing. Hang on to that camera!