Waverly High School, Class of 1970, Lansing MI

Photo from August 2015 Reunion at Grand Woods Park

45th Reunion (2015) photos. Our thanks to all who contributed photos, to Rick Hicks for assembling all the photos, and to the Reunion Committee for organizing an excellent event.

For a PDF file of the 1970 yearbook Senior class, send us a request. We will email you the file.

WHERE ARE THEY? - We cannot locate these classmates. If you have their email address, or mailing address, or phone number, please send it to Jon Shoemaker (jonkshoemaker@att.net) so we can communicate with them. Thank you!
    Anna Bailey, Bob Ball, Sherry Brandt, Bob Clark, David Delgado, Bill Hahn, Bruce Hardy, Bob Johnson, Judy Johnson, Phyllis Kinder, Dave Klinger, Bonnie Leick, Brenda Lohrer, Christine Munge, Kathy Peterson, Kathy Reed, Charles Sarrell, Cindy Shirey, Barb Shultz, Laura Simmons, Barb Simser, Catherine Stephenson
    We maintain a master email list through Yahoo Groups. Please send an email to Jon Shoemaker (jonkshoemaker@att.net) so we can accurately collect your email address and add it to our master list (ladies, please give us your Maiden Name so we know who you are these days).

    We do NOT share your email address with anyone without first obtaining your permission.

DECEASED CLASSMATES - Gone from us, but never forgotten...
    Ann Acker, Jane Ambroson, Anna Balon, Darwin Brownlee, David Cannel, Craig DeHaven, Dave Delp, Sue DeWitt, Linda Dilley, Brenda Doell, Richard Dombrowski, Gary Doyle, Linda Handy, Greg Hibbs, Mark Hawley, Scott Ickes, Nathan Joseph, Kaye Kriek, Ron LaForge, Joyce LeGrand, Jeff Lemm, JoAnn Marshall, Russ Morris, Brian Mosher, Margaret Mullins, Carlyle Perry, Mike Severns, Martin Sosnowski, Steve Springer, Joyce Ralston, Carla Stokesbury, Chris Whitford

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